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lördag 17 april 2010


Tack och lov för Vintage Planet!
Igår anlände paketet med Korg tangenter till
DW6000 & M1.
Så nu är DW'n i Zybob studio åter i 80-talskick.
"In the mid 80s Korg desperately tried to re-compete with the digital revolution of the Yamaha DX7. The mid 80s were all about crystal clear digital bell sounds...if a synth couldn't make them it was considered to be stone-age and very unhip. Korg quickly fabricated the Korg DW6000, a kind of rag -tag hybrid synth that used eight different digital eight-bit waveforms that you could feed through a (very rough) analog filter and VCA. Added to that were 2 envelopes for the filter and VCA and one LFO (called Modulation Generator in the usual Korg language). Basicly it was their usual 2 DCO synth (like the Poly61 and Korg Poly 800) but with digital waveforms as oscillators. And they also had a fancy name for it: D.W.G.S Digital Wave Generation System."

Här kan man lyssna på ett tyskt ljudtest med DW6000.

Kanske skall ta och göra ett litet klipp själv?

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